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Pepper ordering app, on iPhone.
Ordering and bill splitting on a Quickpad handheld POS device.
Trusted by 200+ high street hospitality brands

Over Under Coffee describes how their Pepper app has increased both customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as taking the pressure off of staff.

A table with coffee and snacks on, at an Over Under coffee shop.

Coffi Co outlines how they ramped up usage of their app to over 100k users at just 7 sites.

A coffee machine on the till at Coffi Co.

Young's discusses the impact of increased ATV and higher repeat visit rate across their 200 restaurants.

Two people clicking pint glasses at a Young's pub.

The Coffee Studio in Chicago completely digitized their business - with tips soaring after introducing digital ordering.

A sweet treat on a table at Coffee Studio.

Partnering with Pepper

Pepper works across multiple hospitality sectors helping high street brands to streamline their operations, market more effectively to their customers and growth their revenue. Below are our customers reflecting on their work with Pepper in their own words.

"We've worked with Pepper for over five years now, I can only use the word exceptional"

David Kirby

IT Innovations Manager

A view of the outside of a bustling Young's Pub from the street.
A view from inside one of Rick Stein's 12 restaurants.
"I think our relationship with Pepper is one of the best relationships we have with any of our suppliers, and we appreciate the fact that a lot of the suggestions that we have highlighted have been acted upon"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator

"It’s a pleasure to work with Pepper - from pitch to launch, the process has been easy, organised and engaging"

Sal Baykent

Head of Marketing

A view of a Chopstix shop front from the street.

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