Ordering, loyalty and payments in a single hospitality platform

Get a complete view of your hospitality brand and its customers with an integrated platform for payments, ordering, loyalty, and marketing across mobile app and web.

Pepper OS ordering, on iPhone.

Streamline your operations and harness your customers data

Trusted by high street hospitality operations managers.

Ordering on mobile with Pepper OS

Order to table

Enable customers to browse the menu and order and pay in seconds through a mobile or web application

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Customer segmentation

Increase your ATV with user groups and audience-specific marketing.


Higher ATV on orders via the app


Increase in visits from customers engaged with Pepper-powered loyalty
Loyalty on mobile with Pepper OS

Unified loyalty platform

Manage your loyalty programs, discounts and rewards through one platform with powerful analytics and insights.

A view from inside one of Rick Stein's 12 restaurants.
"I think our relationship with Pepper is one of the best relationships we have with any of our suppliers, and we appreciate the fact that a lot of the suggestions that we have highlighted have been acted upon"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator

Simple to use. Effortless to setup.

Explore how PepperOS empowers the hospitality industry


Mobile ordering and payments for faster table turnover

Download a mobile app or simply scan a QR code. Order to table, or order for takeout. Split the bill, or add a preset tip amount. Your customers choose how they order and pay.

Pepper OS ordering.
Pepper OS loyalty and rewards.

Launch and monitor personalised loyalty and reward programs

Easily design offers and rewards based on buyer behaviour, user insights, and demographic data on your customers. Then track and manage your success through the PepperOS platform.


Capture your customers data to create personalised marketing campaigns

See all of your data on an intuitive platform in real-time and segment your customers into user audiences, then design timely in-app messages and push notifications to reach them at opportune moments.

Pepper marketing dashboard.

Everything you need to run a successful high street brand, plus a little on top

PepperOS enables hospitality businesses to efficiently manage operations and gather essential customer data for effective marketing and loyalty campaigns, all within a single platform.

Order to table

Order on your mobile with an app or QR code

200 degrees app screen
Gift card redemption
Voucher code input tile in Pepper OS
Open tab ordering
Open tab ordering tile in Pepper OS
Allergens on menu
Allergens tile in Pepper OS
Click and collect

Order online and schedule a time for collection

Click and collect at Gourmet Burger Kitchen app screen

Preset tipping amounts for easy payments

Payment and tipping screen in Pepper OS
Pay at table

Pay via phone with an app or QR code

Pay at table screen on Ideal collection app
Product modifiers
Product modifier tile in Pepper OS
Split the bill

Split the bill instantly between a group

Split the bill screen on the Rick Stein app
Stamps card & Points card

Up to date digital stamp cards and points collection

Castle Rock loyalty card in app, on iPhone
Surprise & Delight rewards
Rewards tile in Pepper OS
Loyalty at POS
QR scanning tile in Pepper OS
Double stamps/points
Points tile in Pepper OS
Tier based loyalty

Customisable tiered loyalty programs for your users

Ideal collection rewards in app
Loyalty card in digital wallet

Add a loyalty card to Apple Pay or Google Wallet

Loyalty QR code screen in Thunderbird app
App-based loyalty

See loyalty points and rewards from the mobile app

Loyalty cards in the Pieminister app
Voucher codes
Voucher redemption tile in Pepper OS
Web-based loyalty

See points, rewards and offers in a web app

Loyalty scanning in the Revolution web app
Push notifications

Send timely marketing messages to different users

GBK push notification showing offers on iPhone
Analytics and insights
Analytics and insights in the Pepper OS platform
Hyper personalised content
Student discount tile in Pepper OS
Customer segmentation
Student offers tile in Pepper OS
Refer a friend

Use referral programs to increase your customer base

Itsu app screen showing loyalty card
Student discounts

Tailored offers and discounts for students and others

Student offers in the Revolution app
Audience specific content

Segment your audience and offer personalised content

Mobile marketing and analytics in the Pepper OS platform
Deep linking
Loyalty CTA tile in Pepper OS
Geo-located content and rewards

Offer rewards and discounts based on location

Location check-in screen on the Creams app
Built by a team who’ve spent 50+ years in hospitality

Word on the high street

"The Pepper solution makes our business more robust, and comes into its own when the sites are at their busiest, taking pressure off our teams"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator

"We automate feedback requests, send booking reminders and reduce lapsing of guests through automations and by rewarding our loyal and high value guests."

Bex Wilkins

Marketing Director

"We’re saving thousands of pounds a month on walkouts, have increased order volumes during our busiest times and average spend is higher when ordering digitally"

Nick Lewis



Questions we’re often asked about PepperOS. If you have more you know where to find us.

Which payment methods does Pepper support?

Pepper accepts all major debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AMEX and International cards.

How will I see customer orders?

We integrate with your POS (Point of Sale), so that you can receive and manage orders via the POS screen or any connected smart device.

How does Pepper drive an increase in average transaction value?

A range of factors can increase spend. Customers spend longer browsing, and may swap into premium products. They are also given opportunities to select add-ons, and customers who were only planning to purchase a drink or a coffee are more likely to buy food, whether at a bar or on-the-go.

Can customers split the bill with others on their table?

Guests can split the bill by amount or by specific items, making it easier than ever to split the bill with friends or family.

Can customers save their card details for future orders? Are their details secure?

Guests can save their card, to make checking out even faster. Pepper, and our payment partners, work to the highest level of security. Our technical team will be happy to talk you through the steps we take to protect customer data and credit card details.

How do I know which type of loyalty program will work best for my business?

We have years of experience creating bespoke loyalty programs for all kinds of brands. Our team will work with you to identify what your key goals are and guide you through choosing the best loyalty type for your business.

If I already have a digital loyalty scheme, can I transfer my existing customers onto Pepper?

Good news! We can migrate your customers to Pepper and offer them equivalent points balances or rewards. Our team have carried out a number of migrations and will work with you to make it as seamless as possible for customers.

Can I offer both points and stamps to customers?

Our stamps and points loyalty can be used in conjunction with each other. For example, customers earn 10 points for every $10 they spend - but they also earn a coffee stamp every time they purchase a hot drink.

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