Allow your customers to order and pay without ever coming to the bar

Enable quick and seamless transactions via the web or a mobile applications to maximise the operational efficiency of your pub or bar.

Castle Rock loyalty card in app
Young's Pubs bar tab in app
Revolution offers in app

Mobile and web orders, payments, and loyalty for pubs and bars

Used by the biggest in the industry.

Branded mobile and web apps

Boost orders and ease staff workload with mobile or web apps

Customers can skip the bar by scanning a QR code or ordering through the mobile app, freeing your staff to focus on preparing food and drinks and delivering exceptional service.

Increase average transaction value

Personalised marketing and loyalty

Reduce walkouts and disputes


Order to table

Secure payments

Data collection and insights

Youngs Pubs

Traditional charm and quality ales in 200+ locations.

A view of the outside of a bustling Young's Pub from the street.
"One of the huge benefits of the Youngs on tap app is that we can be really reactive, we can use the data that we’ve got on our customers already, personalise something to them and set it up in a matter of hours"

Jenny Alcock

Head of Digital


Of orders via the app at busy times


Increase in food revenue through a campaign with Pepper


Saved in walkouts every month

Simple to use. Effortless to setup.

Allow customers to order and pay in seconds from their phone

Increase your speed of service through mobile and web apps.

Pepper OS

Enable online ordering and secure payments

Customers can scan a QR code or download a branded mobile application to order, pay and manage their loyalty and rewards from their table.

Brookmans payment screen in app
Customer insight breakdown on Quickpad

Understand your customers through data and insights

Gain insights on your customers and their purchase decisions by collecting demographic data and buyer behaviour throughout their time with you.

Pepper OS

Personalise your marketing and loyalty programs

Offer different loyalty and rewards based on customer groups and send timely in-app messaging and push notifications to engage them at key moments.

Castle Rock loyalty card in app, on iPhone

Word on the high street

"We've worked with Pepper for over five years now, I can only use the word exceptional"

David Kirby

IT Innovations Manager

"We automate feedback requests, send booking reminders and reduce lapsing of guests through automations and by rewarding our loyal and high value guests"

Bex Wilkings

Marketing Director

"We’re saving thousands of pounds a month on walkouts, have increased order volumes during our busiest times and average spend is higher when ordering digitally"

Nick Lewis


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Designed to showcase the power of PepperOS, this interactive demo provides and example of the insights and tools we’re currently providing to 200+ high street brands.