Seamless tableside ordering and payments without a central POS

Improve your order accuracy and let your staff to take payments and scan loyalty rewards from the restaurant floor, all whilst fully-focusing on the customer.

Bistrot Pierre loyalty in app
Rick steins ordering in app
GBK offers and rewards in app

Orders, payments and loyalty in a pocketable device for your restaurant staff

Used by the biggest in the restaurant industry.

Pocketable device

Everything your staff needs, right in their pocket

With live menus being pulled straight in from the EPOS, your staff can take orders, secure payments and manage customer loyalty programs from the restaurant floor. All whilst capturing valuable user-data.

Increased table turnover

Higher average tipping value

Reduced human error


Secure and standalone payments

Table to kitchen ordering with live menus

Scannable loyalty and data capture

Rick Steins

For nearly 50 years, they've been creating restaurants and rooms where you can relax, be yourself and have some fun.

A view from inside one of Rick Stein's 12 restaurants.
"I think our relationship with Pepper is one of the best relationships we have with any of our suppliers"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator


Active app users


Orders placed



Simple to use. Effortless to setup.

The functionality of an POS in a device the size of card reader

Zero training needed.


Standalone ordering and secure payments

Real-time menu’s and table-to-kitchen ordering compliment a secure and standalone payment solution to enable a smooth customer experience.

Payment screen on a Quickpad device
Loyalty scanning screen on Quickpad
Pepper OS

Scan and manage loyalty via QR codes

Scan customers digital stamp cards to track and manage loyalty programs and rewards directly from the restaurant floor.


Flexible tipping, preset, overpayment or fixed amounts and easy bill splitting

Customers can easily choose to give a 5%, 10% and 15% tip and split the bill instantly with no mental maths required.

Tipping and bill-splitting on Quickpad

Word on the high street

"The Pepper solution makes our business more robust, and comes into its own when the sites are at their busiest, taking pressure off our teams"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator

"The Quickpads are a god saver, speed of service and payments are great"


Bunga Bunga

"We’re saving thousands of pounds a month on walkouts, have increased order volumes during our busiest times and average spend is higher when ordering digitally"

Nick Lewis


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