Coffi Co

Serving 40+ creative hand-crated drinks from our quirky Coffi Houses at Cardiff Bay, Bayscape, Cathays & Porthcawl.


90% of orders via the app


100k users in Cardiff


£350k via Pepper in August 2020

"Staff are free to focus on customers, and don't have the pressure of lengthy queues."

Justin Carty


In the past 12 months, Coffi Co have doubled the size of their business. With beautifully designed sites in scenic spots, including Cardiff Bay and Porthcawl Harbour, the self-proclaimed #CoffiHeads have managed to create a seamless digital customer experience.

Through their Pepper app, Coffi Co took over £350,000 of sales in August, across just 8 stores. That’s roughly one order every 15 seconds, during opening hours.

We asked Justin Carty, Coffi Co’s founder, and Aimee Jackson, Marketing and Events manager, for their insights on what has made Pepper so successful.

Improved customer journey

Justin states that: ‘since introducing order to table as a feature within our app, we can now proudly say - by using Pepper, together with Square - that we are a fully tech-lead business.’

The majority of businesses in Cardiff were forced to close during the August lockdown, but Coffi Co were able to keep trading, using the ‘click & collect’ function on their app.

But, once the stores reopened, over 90% of their customers continued to order using the app.

Aimee puts this down to the fact the app is ‘so easy for customers to use.’ The reordering functionality, as well as the ability to customise drinks and orders, has meant customers continue to choose the app experience.

Seamless loyalty scheme

Coffi Co uses Pepper’s digital stamp card functionality, with customers receiving their tenth coffee for free. Rewards sync seamlessly with both the app ordering journey and their Square POS system - meaning there is no fuss redeeming free coffees for customers, or the staff.

Aimee believes that ‘once people have got an app, they come back all the time.’ The ease of ordering, combined with rewards and great service, mean Coffi Co have over 60,000 active users in Cardiff alone.

Happier staff

Justin notes that Coffi Co ‘are operationally more efficient than ever before.’

With over 90% of orders via the app, staff are free to focus on customers, and under less pressure from lengthy queues.

Aimee explains that ‘before Pepper, we had to have people standing at a till system. It’s cutting our staff costs because there’s nobody standing there taking orders and taking payments - all this is done now via our app.’

‘Pepper has been amazing for us’

Over a very difficult summer, Coffi Co proved how resilient their brand truly was, due to fantastic staff, supported by the right technology.

Thank you to Aimee and Justin, for their comments and feedback. At Pepper, we’re sure there are big things in the pipeline for this coffee brand!

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