Harness your customer data with our unique platform app editor

Understand your customers' spending behaviour across locations and user groups. Then update your mobile experiences instantly to promote the best-performing products.

Pepper app builder platform.

Built and tested with the experts

Trusted by high street hospitality operations managers.

Pepper app builder platform.

Maintain brand experience from in-person to app

Update menus, offers and loyalty schemes in instantly whilst monitoring their performance across multiple locations in real-time.

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Growth workshops

Make the most of Pepper with expert-led masterclasses on app building and marketing campaigns.


Fully customisable Web and App


Increase in sales through running a Pepper Campaign
Pepper marketing and analytics platform.

Lead your marketing campaigns with rich data insights

Understand your customers spending habits using audience segmentation to promote the products and offers which are performing best.

A view from inside one of Rick Stein's 12 restaurants.
"I think our relationship with Pepper is one of the best relationships we have with any of our suppliers, and we appreciate the fact that a lot of the suggestions that we have highlighted have been acted upon"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator

Simple to use. Effortless to setup.

Explore how PepperOS empowers the hospitality industry

Make updates in real-time

App editor

Create and edit different layouts for your mobile and web applications with a simple to use interface. Then push them to your audience groups and monitor there performance with just a few clicks.

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Pepper marketing and analytics platform.
Increase your ATV

Marketing tools

Segment your audience to refine your marketing approach with customisable offers, perks and loyalty programs. Send personalised marketing messaging and campaigns to audience groups when the time is right.

Improve the customer experience

Customer data

Understand spending patterns and unlock insights with comprehensive data on your customers, locations and products. See how your offers and loyalty schemes impact sales at any moment and monitor trends over time.

Pepper marketing and analytics platform.

Word on the high street

"The Pepper solution makes our business more robust, and comes into its own when the sites are at their busiest, taking pressure off our teams"

David Lawley

Systems Co-ordinator

"The app is a key part of our marketing strategy for 2023 and beyond... The integrations mean it’s quick and easy for teams to use - and by leveraging the data we capture, we can keep users happy and offer real value to our loyal customers"

Will Kenney

Commercial Director

"We’re saving thousands of pounds a month on walkouts, have increased order volumes during our busiest times and average spend is higher when ordering digitally"

Nick Lewis



Questions we’re often asked about our platform. If you have more you know where to find us.

How can I view customer data?

With the Pepper Portal, you can access and segment customer data - allowing for personalized marketing campaigns and audience management, based on customer behavior. We also integrate with a number of third-party CRM platforms.

Can I view the customer data in real time?

Yes - the Portal allows you to monitor your locations and customers' spend in real-time.

Do I own the data, or does Pepper?

Good question, simple answer. You own the data!

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