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200+ sites


200k active users per month


3 years working together‍

"It’s given us a way to reach out to our customers, deliver key marketing initiatives, benefit staff and drive revenue.”

Gillian McLaren

Marketing Director

Young’s operates over 200 sites across London and the South of England. At the heart of the Young’s brand is quality - from their food and drink offering to the design and character of their pubs.

Young’s engaged Pepper 3 years ago, initially to deliver a digital loyalty programme. The app then grew into an integrated loyalty and ordering solution, allowing customers to run a digital tab, order to table and pre-order before arrival.

Gillian McLaren, Director of Marketing at Young’s, explained that ‘the OnTap app is seeing over 200 thousand active users per month, with our app users tending to have a higher average transaction value than non-app customers.

‘Our staff are benefiting from the tipping feature, and have more time to focus on customer needs.’

Working with Pepper has also given the Young’s head office teams greater digital marketing possibilities.

‘It’s given us a way to reach out to our customers, and deliver key marketing initiatives,’ Gillian explained. ‘As well as the benefit to the in-pub operation, the app also helps us drive revenue.’

‘Our customers and staff both benefit from the OnTap app, and we’re looking forward to what the future with Pepper will hold.’

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