200 Degrees

Independent speciality coffee roasters, purveyors of distinctive coffee shops, and unashamedly proud to be coffee geeks.


20k downloads in 6 months


Over 4k orders per month through order to table


6 x increase in loyalty redemptions

"The app is a key part of our marketing strategy for 2023 and beyond."

Will Kenney

Commercial Director

200 Degrees Coffee are a coffee roaster, wholesale supplier and operator of 18 coffee shops, and their team describe themselves as “obsessed with all things coffee”. Established in Nottingham, but soon spreading across the UK, 200 Degrees needed a loyalty and ordering platform that would reward their customers, drive revenue and enable them to learn more about their business.


200 Degrees partnered with Pepper in July 2020 to launch their mobile app, and it has since built into a successful partnership!  



Building a loyal customer base


200 Degrees have enjoyed huge success and captured a loyal customer base across their shops, as well as their six barista schools, coffee-commerce, wholesale and business customers.


The team were looking for a way to incentivise customers to visit more often, and keep them feeling rewarded. In July 2022 they launched a brand new digital stamp card - gifting users their tenth drink free.


Redemptions of loyalty rewards saw a 6x increase, and the app was downloaded more than 20k times in six months.


Their shops saw their average revenue via the app triple, with customers able to earn their rewards by ordering ahead to collect, scanning their app at the till or by placing an order from a table.


Commercial Director, Will Kenney, told us that ‘it’s so important to our brand that our customers feel rewarded. 200 Degrees is all about bringing people together over coffee - and to see our app users growing each month proves that users are keen to engage with us digitally.’



Driving revenue


It’s not just about keeping customers happy, however. 200 Degrees have also been able to use the app as a way to drive extra revenue and increase visit frequency.


Will said: ‘it’s not uncommon to see people sitting in a coffee shop with an empty cup for hours – wishing for another drink but not wanting to lose their seat. With Order to Table, however, those customers can order a second drink without having to leave their laptop, their client meeting or their kids - and our teams bring it straight over.’


The brand has generated an extra 4k orders per month by offering Order to Table, generating extra revenue from customers who were already in-store.


‘Typically we see a higher spend from our app users,’ Will went on to say. ‘People are more likely to browse our food menu, and we promote our new drinks via the app homepage.’


The team also leverages local marketing to drive visits, including partnerships with local businesses, claimed via voucher codes, offers granted to customers of specific sites or cities, lunch bundles to drive day time trade and the ability to recommend products within the menu.


These marketing efforts meant over the last six months, the average app customer increased their loyalty to 200 Degrees and was spending more per month, which in addition to the rate 200 Degrees are acquiring new app users, this quickly adds up into real added value.



Powerful marketing capabilities


‘The app is a key part of our marketing strategy for 2023 and beyond,’ Will said. ‘The integrations mean it’s quick and easy for teams to use - and by leveraging the data we capture, we can keep users happy and offer real value to our loyal customers’.


The app has become a central hub for all things 200 Degrees. Customers can visit the e-commerce site to buy coffee, equipment and subscriptions, book onto a Barista Training course and check out what is going on in their local community.

They have big plans for their digital network, and encouraging their customers to connect with the other sides of their business.


200 Degrees are on a mission to make the UK as obsessed with great coffee as they are - and here at Pepper, we’re already converts!

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