Six reasons your staff should be using Quickpad

March 28, 2023

Six Reasons your Staff Should Be Using Quickpad

Is your business potentially struggling with poor employee morale, satisfaction, and/or experience? Perhaps your staff turnover rate continues to increase, whilst your staff retention levels are dropping fast.

Is this the case for your hospitality business? If so, Pepper HQ has the ideal solution for you - our very ownQuickPad.

Keep reading to find out more about QuickPad and how it can help you enhance your staff’s experience, boosting productivity and their loyalty to your business.


First, let us quickly define what Quickpad is. Pepper’s Quickpad device makes use of pay at the table technology, enabling customers to order and pay at the table. This means that your staff do not have to run back and forth between different POS/EPOS terminals to take orders, send orders off to the kitchen, and take payments.

In particular, you can expect the following features to come with Quickpad:

  • Pay at the table - secure payments
  • Take orders and send orders to kitchen
  • Open bills can be viewed through integration of EPOS system
  • Integration of customer loyalty rewards system -customers can collect points and redeem loyalty perks

As you can see, there are not only benefits for the customer, but also advantages for your employees. So, if you are looking for a valuable way to improve employee satisfaction, look no further than Quickpad from Pepper HQ.

Six Quickpad Benefits for Staff

If you are still on the fence about whether you should invest in our Quickpad for your restaurant, cafe, or pub, then you should definitely consider the following six benefits of the Quickpad for your staff:

  1. Elevate your service - empower your staff to handle all aspects of the customer dining experience table-side, from taking orders to receiving payments, allowing     your staff to seamlessly serve table to table; with this quick and efficient service, customers are more likely to be satisfied, encouraging more tips
  2. Streamline processes - the Quickpad device saves your staff time from having to quickly jot down orders and notes, then having to go to a POS terminal to send     orders off to the kitchen; Quickpad removes this inconvenience, allowing staff to take and send orders off at the table
  3. Personalised customer experience - your staff are able to add any notes to orders, as requested by the customer, on the spot without the need for them having to memorise these (and possibly later forget)
  4. Human error is mitigated - reduce the risk of human error of manually inputting transaction amounts or having to manually calculate split payments or other; Quickpad allows quick and easy payments that can automatically calculate total costs and split costs
  5. Speed up payments - customers can choose their preferred payment method to initiate faster payments - from mobile app, web ordering, or with one of your staff     using the Quickpad device
  6. Reward loyal customers - rewards and loyalty points are instantly applied once your customer loyalty system is integrated into the Quickpad device; saves your staff time from having to manually enter customer loyalty information into separate POS terminal

Improving employee experience through the utilisation of Quickpad can help boost employee satisfaction. Request a demo today.

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