5 Benefits That A Mobile App Can Provide For CMOs

October 26, 2021

Budgets are tight, and at Pepper we know that undertaking a project to launch an new app or web-based solution can be daunting. But, as a Chief Marketing Officer or Head of Marketing, can you afford not to move forward with this technology?

In this article, we explore some of the many benefits marketing functions see from their solutions.

1. Make strategic decisions based on customer data and insight

Customers who opt-in to marketing want to receive targeted, intelligent communications. Pepper allows you to segment users into audiences and deliver relevant messages through push notifications and loyalty awards, and integrates to your email and SMS marketing.

And the more customers engage with the app, the more insight is gained on their spending habits and behaviour metrics.

You can use this data to your advantage by personalizing the experience for customers, with a ‘recommended’ section on the menu, for example, or by granting them awards that will increase how often they visit.

The more usage, the more knowledge. The possibilities for marketing campaigns really are endless...

2. Stop giving commission to third parties

Incentivize your customers to spend directly with you, at considerably less cost that the commission you’d pay to Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Customers can order ahead, redeeming perks that are exclusive to your app, then grab their order from the restaurant and go. The orders are sent straight to your POS, meaning there’s no operational complexity for staff.

And if not giving away a chunk of your sales to a delivery platform wasn’t enough - you’ll also save staff time. The customer is doing all the legwork placing the order, so all they have to do is prepare it.

3. Customization means happy customers


Modifying and customizing your order has never been easier than through a mobile app or web solution. You can choose to swap your fried eggs for scrambled on your breakfast, beef up a burger with extra toppings, or add an extra shot of coffee into your latte.

Or go even further with Pepper’s ‘Build Your Own’ feature. Customers can visually build up their own bespoke item, whether it’s a Bento Box, Poke bowl, ice cream sundae or their dream pizza.

The ability to customize and modify their order with a few clicks on their phone could be the unique selling point that makes a customer choose you over your competitor. The customer gets precisely what they want - and you get to reap the profits.

4. Maximise your kitchen’s capacity

If you’re a venue that is regularly full to capacity, allowing customers to order ahead for takeaway can increase revenue.  

Being able to order through an app and given a collection time is great for customers who are on the go. 30% of consumers order a takeaway at least once a week, which has led to the takeaway/delivery sector’s net revenue doubling to 11 billion in the last year (Lumina Intelligence, 2021).

The stats speak for themselves- Order ahead is a great way to increase your revenue, even when the customers aren’t eating in at your venue.

5. Increasing profits through higher ATV

A menu that allows you to customize your order and the option to add on extras, will encourage customers to spend more. Upselling and suggesting a customer order a side of onion rings with their burger and fries, or a drink to make up a meal deal, will lead to a higher average transaction value for customers and higher revenue overall.

Pepper merchants’ ATV increases significantly when customers use their app to order and pay - as much as 15% in some venues.

Having a bespoke and personalized mobile app or web solution for ordering or loyalty (or both!) can really solve some of your biggest problems, and help you achieve some of your hit record revenue levels.

The return on investment can be phenomenal, and Pepper are experts at working with merchants in all verticals, including pubs and bars, restaurants and QSRs, cafes and coffee shops.

Get in touch with the team and see why over 200 hospitality businesses trust Pepper to create a seamless digital journey for their customers.

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