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We drive revenue and make your operation more efficient. From takeout orders for busy commuters to poolside ordering - Pepper has your digitization covered.

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Create dynamic customer experiences by allowing customers to order ahead and skip the line, or order and pay from their table. In-app orders are seamlessly integrated to your loyalty program and marketing portal.

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Order to table

Customers enter their table number, browse the menu, add to cart and pay - sending the order straight to your POS or KDS.

Frictionless ordering
Contactless payment
Less pressure on staff
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Open-tab ordering

Guests place orders to the POS whenever they want to add items to their check. No need for multiple payments - just settle at the end.

Pay full check upon leaving
Contactless payment
Easy to use
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Product bundles

Create deals and offers that walk customers through their product choices and add the whole group to the basket.

Higher ATV
Drives customer interest
Easily modifiable

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66,000+ active app users
100,000 orders placed via the app since launch
12 locations


Rick Stein

Rick Stein share the efficiencies and benefits they have seen for both staff and customers, after recently adopting Pepper's NEW product - Pay at table.

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Which payment methods does Pepper support?

Pepper accepts all major debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AMEX and International cards.

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How will I see customer orders?

We integrate with your POS (Point of Sale), so that you can receive and manage orders via the POS screen or any connected smart device.

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How does Pepper drive an increase in average transaction value?

A range of factors can increase spend. Customers spend longer browsing, and may swap into premium products. They are also given opportunities to select add-ons, and customers who were only planning to purchase a drink or a coffee are more likely to buy food, whether at a bar or on-the-go.