Enhance Your Hospitality Business with Pepper's Quickpad

March 21, 2023

Enhance your Hospitality Business with Pepper’s Quickpad

As a hospitality owner, you are probably more than likely searching for ways to improve the efficiency of your business. From improving customer experience to employee experience, hospitality owners need to secure methods that can encourage the growth of their business.

Any hospitality business, be it a restaurant, pub, or cafe, can get extremely busy, so it is important that there is an efficient and effective system in place that ensures that business operations run smoothly.

At PepperHQ, we have got just the solution for you - Quickpad.

Quickpad for Hospitality Businesses

What is Quickpad, you might wonder?

Essentially, Pepper’s Quickpad is a payment solution that can integrate your EPOS system in one place. Its pay at the table technology means that your staff can take payments table-side, without the need to head to another POS terminal to retrieve the bill and process the payment.

With Quickpad, you can expect the seamless integration of all aspects of customer experience, with features such as:

  • Order and pay at the table
  • Orders sent to kitchen from the Quickpad
  • Open bills can be retrieved on the Quickpad itself
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Collection of customer loyalty points
  • Redemption of customer loyalty rewards and perks

The integration of your EPOS system and customer loyalty scheme into pay at the table devices like Quickpad can lead to better efficiency and improved experiences for both customers and your staff alike.

Why your Hospitality Business Would Benefit from Our Quickpad

So, as a hospitality business, how can you benefit from our Quickpad? Here are a few examples of the advantages that you could reap with Quickpad:

  • Improved time-efficiency - save time for both customers and staff on ordering and taking orders, enabling customers to order by themselves and for staff to take orders table-side that can be sent to the kitchen immediately; staff are able to serve each table faster
  • Unified reporting - reporting inaccuracies are reduced across all systems with the seamless integration of all of your systems in one place
  • Easy and secure payments - reduced chargebacks, use of single payment provider for all transactions encourages visibility on transactions; expect secure payments as Quickpad understands fraud control rules
  • Minimised errors - eliminate human error as Quickpad is able to calculate total costs and split costs automatically according to the bill, removing the need to manually calculate or input costs
  • Engaged customers - drive revenue with faster order and payment processing, turning tables quicker, and impressing customers with fast and reliable service
  • Boost customer loyalty - implementation of customer loyalty system in Quickpad allows easy access to customer loyalty points and awards at the table
  • Harness customer data - customer data can be captured for loyalty and marketing purposes at every customer touchpoint

Pepper’s Quickpad for Hospitality

If you are a hospitality business owner looking to optimise your business operations and maximise your business success and growth, look no further than Pepper HQ’s Quickpad. Delight your customers (and staff) with a flexible system that is catered towards their dining needs.

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