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Pepper Quickpad

Everything your staff need, right in their pocket. With ordering, payments and loyalty at their fingertips, sit back and watch your operation run like clockwork.



The first device designed to serve both your staff and customers.

Explore the benefits of Quickpad below.

All-in-one device

Delivering powerful solutions with over eight-years' hospitality tech expertise.

Table to kitchen

With Pepper’s food ordering software and device, you can digitally take and send orders to the kitchen, eliminating the need for pen and paper, driving operational efficiency.

Frictionless ordering
Contactless payment
Happier staff

Easy payments

Take card payments and easily receive tips empowering staff and driving revenue.

Pay full check upon leaving
Contactless payment
Higher tips

Customer loyalty

Scan for loyalty to reward customers and drive repeat visits. Integrations mean redeeming rewards is simple for staff.

Higher ATV
Drives customer interest
Easily modifiable

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100,000 orders placed via the app since launch
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Rick Stein

Rick Stein share the efficiencies and benefits they have seen for both staff and customers, after recently adopting Pepper's NEW product - Pay at table.

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Quickpad FAQ’s

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Is Quickpad just for restaurants with full table service?

Quickpad can be used in a variety of hospitality settings! Coffee merchants whose customers take up tables without placing further orders use Quickpad to drive revenue from occupied tables. Pubs and bars use Quickpad to drive extra revenue in beer gardens and optimise their operation - eliminating long queues at the bar and keeping walkways free. So, Quickpad isn’t just a restaurant ordering software that is restricted to restaurants only. Our food ordering system can be applied in many different hospitality businesses.

Quickpad can be transformative in any setting where quickly taking orders and payment. If your staff are currently using paper and pen, bulky tablets or separate PDQ machines, we'd love to chat to you about how this could work for your operation.

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How much does Quickpad cost?

We cut out all expensive set up costs and financial outlay by offering a simple rental system, per device. We work with you to determine how many Quickpads you'll need per site, and a dedicated Project Manager and Client Marketing Manager will be on hand throughout the set up to ensure you are up-and-running as quickly as possible.

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What are the benefits to my staff?

Feedback from teams that use Quickpad often touches on how much time is saved by being able to handle payments, ordering and loyalty within one pocket-sized device. Quickpad handles bill splitting calculations and allows customers to receive a digital receipt, meaning the whole process for staff is simplified.

Staff even report saving steps on every shift, from not needing to go back to the till to key in orders or grab a PDQ device. Quickpad allows them to work more efficiently, and spend more time focusing on customer service and keeping their area spotless.

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How does Quickpad deliver a return on investment?

A range of factors increase revenue when using Quickpad. The ability to quickly add another round of drinks to a customers' visit means average spend increases, without slowing down the operation. Faster table-turn from settling bills not only keeps customers happier, but increases overall covers, particularly at peak times.

The increased staff efficiency also leads to happier teams, earning higher tips. Staff can focus on delivering excellent customer service, improving guest experience and driving repeat visits.

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Is Quickpad integrated with other Pepper systems?

Yes! As well as talking to your till, Quickpad can be used with any combination of digital ordering and loyalty systems. Customers can order with staff, and pay their bill at the end with a scan of a QR code. Customers who are part of your loyalty programme can earn points when ordering for click and collect, using Order to Table via the app or when placing a Quickad order with staff.

Menus are up-to-date across all systems, with the ability to show different menu items to staff, as well as in different zones of the pub, bar or restaurant. We work with you to design the optimised customer and staff experience.