US Coffee Chain Mochas & Javas Launch New Ordering And Loyalty App with Pepper

February 3, 2022

Mochas & Javas have just launched their new app with Pepper for ordering and integrated loyalty, across their four sites.

The Texas-based chain’s mission, with coffee shops in San Marcos and Frisco, is to serve the finest quality coffee beverages and food. They strive to educate guests on their products, so they may make the best choice on their food and beverage selection.

Mochas & Javas work with local vendors, avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup, and pay close attention to detail, crafting scratch-made products that they are proud to serve. They also take every opportunity to stimulate the local economy by purchasing ingredients and retail items from local producers as well as supporting local artists and craftspeople.

The founder of Mochas and Javas: 'Pepper has been a great addition to our company and we're so happy that we decided to go the route we did! From beginning to end, they guided us and our business to creating our first and very own free and user-friendly app.'

Pepper’s Head of Marketing, Hannah Brennan, said ‘we are thrilled to have such a unique brand on board with us, and are excited to see what the future holds for Mochas and Javas.’

The Mochas & Javas app offers their customers the ability to order ahead, meaning their order is ready and waiting when they arrive at the store.

That doesn’t mean that customer service isn’t paramount to the Mochas & Java’s team! They’re not seeking to eliminate the great customer experience they’ve always served up - the aim of the app is to speed up service for customers, reduce queues and offer an even better in-store journey.

The app is also completely integrated with their Square EPOS system, meaning menu updates and pricing changes are simple and easy. Customers of their existing Square loyalty program, Java Points, can view rewards in the app and redeem them against online purchases, with no extra work for the staff at the till.

The founder of Mochas and Javas also went on to say that their customers 'were ecstatic when we officially announced the news and our online sales have grown every day since. I would recommend Pepper to any and all businesses, especially small ones like ours!'

Eric Schwieterman, Pepper's US VP of Sales, is also really excited about the project. ‘It’s great to see a brand like Mochas & Javas launching an app that will digitalize their business.

‘We think the app looks great, and have already seen some strong numbers going through their app.’

Everyone at Pepper wishes the Mochas & Javas team the best with their new app launch, and look forward to supporting them on their digital journey!

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