Two Of Pepper’s Clients Featured For Fantastic Use Of Technology

February 22, 2022

The Morning Advertiser released a report about how tech remains vital after implementation during covid, featuring two of Pepper's clients - The Head of Steam and Eclectic Bar Group - who have combined the use of technology with great customer service.

A brilliant insight into how many businesses across the hospitality industry have quickly evolved and adopted technology to help with their operations, especially during the pandemic.

Read the full Morning Advertiser report here.

Head of Steam combines tech with great service

North of England-based, 15-strong pub group Head of Steam is an exponent of craft beers and partnered with tech business Pepper in May 2021.

Head of Steam introduced 'Order to Table' in all of its pubs, using either the mobile app or via a QR code. Its customer data and in-app behaviour allows it to drive marketing campaigns and ad-hoc perk awards. By offering an in-app exclusive 50% discount on vegan dishes during Veganuary 2022, Head of Steam attracted new customers to its pubs and saw a 7% increase in app transactions.

Fantastic customer service is key to the offering at Head of Steam, as Mark Connor, Head of Operations and Brand, explains: 'We work in partnership with the pub teams to understand how we can continue to offer our customers the friendly and expert service they've always enjoyed at the bar, but from the comfort of their table.'

'That's also meant constantly evolving and improving the app itself. Digital ordering is here to stay, and with the support of the Pepper team, we'll continue to recruit and retain loyal app users.'

Head of Steam mobile app - menu

She's Eclectic

Another business that has recruited the help of Pepper is Eclectic Bars.

The Eclectic Bars web app takes phenomenal sales during peak trading periods - accounting for 95% of sales at weekends. The group has a huge tourist customer base, often one-time customers, whose main aim is to be served quickly so that they can get back to the beach. When the group partnered with Pepper, it was clear that speed of service was key.

Using Pepper's web app, customers scan a QR code and order food and drink to their tables. Operations Executive Nick Lewis explains: 'During our busiest periods, it was impossible to operate table service to all tables, so the web app has meant all customers can be served - and it has eliminated walkouts.'

The group estimates the savings on walkouts as £1,500 per month at a single site, during it's summer trade.

The operational efficiencies that come with 80% to 95% of orders via the web solution also means staffing efficiencies for the team, with the number of floor staff used per shift reducing by a third.

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