Revolutionise the Customer Experience with Pepper’s Quickpad

March 14, 2023

Revolutionise the Customer Experience with Pepper’s Quickpad

Do you own a hospitality business? Whether that is a restaurant, cafe, or other, you will probably be looking for ways to improve the customer experience and reduce inefficiencies in business operations.  

If this sounds like your current situation, let us introduce you to Pepper HQ’s Quickpad - an innovative system that can help drive revenue and increase efficiency, without compromising quality.

Got no clue about what it is? No problem - in this blog, we will cover what you need to know about our Quickpad and how it can benefit your customers.

What is Pepper’s Quickpad?

In essence, Quickpad is a pay at the table device that integrates all aspects of restaurant or cafe operations, allowing customers to order and pay at the table, among other things. This is an efficient way to keep business processes running smoothly, with a range of features including:

- Taking orders and sending them to the back-of-house from the device

- Secure payments taken at the table - low fee payment gateway

- Open bills fetched from POS/EPOS via device - integration of EPOS system within device

- Collection and redemption of customer loyalty perks or rewards - integration of customer rewards system

The pay at table technology means that customers no longer have to wait for the lengthy process of paying the bill - which can sometimes be time-consuming in busy restaurants.

Having to wait to pay and leave could even deteriorate customers’ experience and satisfaction, especially if they have to wait for a considerable amount of time. With Pepper’s Quickpad, these problems are solved!

Benefits of Quickpad

As a restaurant owner, you are bound to benefit from Pepper HQ’s Quickpad. The number of advantages it holds, particularly in terms of elevating your customers’ experience, are certainly worth considering if you are undecided about whether the Quickpad is suitable for your business.

In fact, we have outlined a few of these benefits below:

Faster service - servers can take and send orders to the kitchen from the table, allowing customer orders to be sent straight away and without any delay; this can lead to food and drinks being served at a quicker rate

Faster payments - the Quickpad device enables customers to pay at the table quickly, without having to wait nor having to get up to pay at a POS terminal somewhere else in the venue; payments are quick and reliable via Quickpad, and customers can even choose to split the bill if they wish

Empowers customers - customers are given the option to choose from different payment methods; they can opt to pay through the mobile app, web ordering, or with your staff using the Quickpad device!

Simplified interactions - simplifying customer interactions can encourage your customers to connect with your brand more effectively; customer touch points are elevated and easily met

A Payment Device Powered by Pepper

Pepper’s pay at the table solutions are an excellent way to improve customer experience and engagement with your brand. Not only are you enhancing their dining experience, but you are also encouraging the cultivation of loyal and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Get in touch to learn more about Quickpad and our pay at table technology.

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