Celebrating Pie Week

April 26, 2024

Pieminister, known for their delicious pies and creative flavour combinations, introduced a new way to delight their customers: the Pieminister Loyalty App. The app is designed to enhance the dining experience, allowing customers to earn points with every order. The app has gained popularity since its launch with 14,000 users already enjoying exclusive app offers and being rewarded for their repeat visits. 

During the recent campaign to celebrate Pie Week, customers who had downloaded the app were in for a treat at Pieminister. They had the chance to spin a wheel in-store and win amazing rewards like online vouchers, free pies, and even the ultimate prize - the Mothership! This mouthwatering feast includes any pie of your choice, served with mash, minty mushy peas, cheddar cheese and crispy onions. 

Overall, the campaign was a success. Pieminister not only saw an increase in app users but also saw a significant boost in engagement on the app. This shows the power of creative seasonal one-off campaigns, combining digital as well as traditional methods.

Ginny Payne, Head of Marketing at Pieminister said “Pieminister’s loyalty app has been our biggest commercial innovation yet, and the support from Pepper in activating various campaign mechanics has been great so far!”

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Chloe Dale
Marketing Manager

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