Pepper’s digital food ordering system fixes staffing issues

July 16, 2021

Restaurants are experiencing severe staff shortages due to the pandemic and ongoing furlough in the hospitality industry, whilst bookings have surged by as much as 1,000%. This has led to a lot of pressure and challenges for restaurants after being closed for so long.

In particular, a digital food ordering system has proven to help restaurant businesses thrive, improving overall efficiency. Not only does it make ordering easier and quicker for both customers and staff, but it also reduces the likelihood of staff burnout.

Decrease staff workload; restaurant guests place their own orders

Guests can read through the menu on their smartphone and order what they want when they are ready, rather than having to flag down a member of staff to place an order. This means that staff can focus on bringing orders to the table and providing great customer service.

Eliminates error-prone delivery and click & collect orders from having wrong data entered into POS

When you’re short-staffed, being as efficient as possible is crucial in order for things to run smoothly. With the GBK app, customers are able to place orders from home for pickup and delivery via the app, and the orders are automatically sent to the POS and fired in the kitchen. This means that there is no additional work that needs to be done by your staff- they just have to ensure the order is ready to be collected.

Stop turning your wait-staff into cashiers with Pay At Table

Guests can split the bill and pay from their phones on the app. This saves your wait-staff from spending several visits on every table to take payments, which can be even more time-consuming on a bigger table. It’s also much quicker to pay via the app, as guests can choose to split the bill equally among their table or split by individual items, and payments can be saved for an even faster check out next time. For staff, focusing on other tasks instead and ensuring that customers have the best possible experience means that guests aren’t likely to notice if your venue is short on staff.

There are so many benefits to adopting mobile order & pay for your business, but especially when you’re experiencing staffing issues and figuring out how you’re going to overcome the challenge of accommodating all of your customers. Having a Pepper app that they can use to view your menu, place their orders and pay their bill gives your staff much more flexibility and time to focus on other important tasks.

If you want more information on Pepper’s apps, or how we can help to improve efficiency in your business- get in touch with us at or by clicking here.

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