Is your venue prepared for The World Cup 2022?

October 18, 2022

The time has almost finally arrived… The World Cup is back on our screens in just over a month’s time! If 2018 is anything to go by, pubs and bars will be filled to the brim with football fans watching the game and enjoying a drink.

A mobile app or web solution is the perfect tool for customers to order, pay or split the bill whilst watching the big games, without risking missing any of the action to order at the bar.

Pepper’s Order to Table feature gives customers the ability to order via the app, straight from their table. Typically during football games, bars and pubs will be overwhelmed at half-time - with eager fans rushing to the bar at the same time to order their drinks. 

By using an app, however, the operation is much more efficient as orders are spread out throughout the match, and walkways are kept clear for staff to run orders over to tables. Not to mention, average spend also tends to be higher with digital ordering (score!)


Splitting the bill is also simple and easy with a mobile app. Guests can split the bill by percentage or by item; saving them time trying to figure out how much they owe for their beer and burger, and paying one at a time with a member of staff. 

It’s convenient for groups of friends or family who are all watching together on one table, and a digital receipt will be sent straight to their email address.


However, It’s not only your customers who benefit from a mobile app - there are huge cost savings for your business when adopting mobile ordering. 


An app keeps service running smoothly which means that you can run the show efficiently, even during peak trading. Customers can order quickly through their phones, when they are ready, and your team can just focus on providing great customer service - without having to type orders into tills or taking payments.


Another benefit is increased spend per head - customers are more likely to order food with their drinks with just a few taps on their phone, and therefore their spend will be higher. There’s also the opportunity to sell food bundles via the app, such as offering 3 small plates for £12 or sharing platters - which appeals to customers who want to order something quick and easy to eat whilst watching the game.

Drive revenue by recommending food to go with customers’ beers when they're adding them to their basket, and maximise profits.


Get in touch with the Pepper team, and we can work with you to create the perfect digital solution tailored for your hospitality business.

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