Iced Coffees And Spring Go Together Like… Peanut Butter And Jelly?

March 15, 2022

We all know the start of Spring is just around the corner when iced drinks start making a grand entrance into coffee shops again! Although some choose to sip on iced drinks all year round, refreshing seasonal beverages such as Iced Chai Lattes and Caramel Frappuccinos start flying out of coffee shops around the end of March. The good news is, it’s never been easier for a customer to pre-order their favourite iced drink and collect it when they’re ready with a mobile app or web solution.

Is it time to review your digital solution? Or are you looking into investing in one? If so, now is the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling before the spring and summer months.

Think big…

Sweetwaters, the 40 location coffee chain with stores across the US, maximise sales through their Pepper app which allows customers to order ahead, easily modify drinks and earn loyalty points - all in one place. For example, if a customer would like to order an Iced Latte via the Sweetwaters app, they can add whipped cream, customize their espresso choice (add extra shots or choose decaf instead), choose an alternative milk, as well as add syrups or sauces. With just a few clicks, customers can create their own, unique drink - exactly how they want it.

To reward customers for their loyalty, users of the Sweetwaters app can earn points on their purchases which can be used to redeem a free drink. It has been shown that reward programs have a great impact on customer retention and loyalty - two-thirds (69%) of Americans stated that loyalty programs incentivize them to revisit a store or restaurant more frequently, with points and rewards being the top reasons why consumers join loyalty programs (Bluedot 'State of What Feeds Us' report, 2021). So if you're not rewarding your customers yet, now might be the time to!

Sweetwaters app - Modify your iced drink

Mobile solutions work just as well for smaller businesses too!

Even for a smaller coffee business such as The Coffee Studio in Michigan, who have just one location, see the real benefits of using an app for Click & Collect. There are no more queues of customers frantically trying to order and pay for their items, and baristas are under less pressure because they’re not rushing to get 20 orders ready at once.

Staff can focus on providing great coffee and great customer service - without having to sacrifice one or the other. Miguel, the owner of The Coffee Studio, commented: ‘Convenience wins, and once people experience it, they can see that it’s adding value to their life.' When ordering ahead, customers can select a time slot that works for them, and once it’s ready to collect, their order is printed on a ticket with a stand next to their drink in the pick-up area and then they’re on their way again.

The Coffee Studio’s app also allows customers to customize their order, as well as rewarding them with points for every purchase made.

The Coffee Studio - Order ahead and collect loyalty points

Every hospitality business is different, and that’s what Pepper recognises. By choosing the features that work well for you and your business, you can create a solution that your customers will love. Save them time, as well as your staff, by offering order ahead or curbside pick-up, reward them for their loyalty with points or stamps, and display modifiers so that customers can get their frozen mocha just right! Get in touch with the Pepper team today, and we can help digitize your ordering journey.

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