Five reasons why your business needs to embrace e-Gifting this Father’s Day

June 1, 2022

Father’s Day is on the 19th of June, and whether or not you use a web solution or app within your hospitality business, it’s a great time to encourage families to visit you and celebrate!

Though, if you’ve already gone digital, it’s well worth implementing e-Gifting in time for Father’s Day. You may have seen more of digital gift cards over the last few years, given the number of socially-distanced celebrations we’ve all experienced.

Despite the difficulties hospitality has faced as a result of the pandemic, the market for e-Gifting has soared, and thanks to its ease of use for both customers and staff, it seems that it is here to stay.

If you already have an app with Pepper, this is a great way to customize your app modules - encouraging loyal customers to send their Dads enough for a few pints!

It boosts your brand awareness

Gifting can be a direct route to gaining and retaining customers. It’s a great way to introduce customers to your brand, encourage first-time visits and consequently earn regular, loyal customers who love what you do and what you sell.

You’ll generate higher revenue

Your venue can count on consumers to spend more money on their gift cards than their face value. According to GCVA (2020), on average, UK customers spend a whopping 35% extra over the value of the gift card during redemption - which means an increase in both sales and revenue for your business.

In-app gifting is easy and simple for both staff and customers

Digital gift cards are inexpensive, and their cost to your business is minimal. They’re an undoubtedly valuable feature for hundreds of hospitality businesses of all sizes, whether you have hundreds of locations or just one. By opting for e-gift cards, you’ll save both precious time and pennies on ordering physical gift card stock. Or, use e-gifting alongside physical gift cards, providing welcome options for those who want the best of both worlds.

You’re going to sell a tonne

Data shows that whilst the weeks between Black Friday and New Years Eve account for 45% of yearly gift card sales, the spot of second place is awarded to the months of May and June. This is thanks to Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day, if you’re a US company. Equally, more people want to buy gift cards for loved ones - gift card sales during 2021 were up by over 54% over the same period in the previous year.

More money, sooner

Compared to physical gift cards, e-gift cards tend to be used more quickly. E-gift cards are more likely to be redeemed in the five days after purchase, until the six-day mark, when physical gift cards have larger redemption rates. E-gift cards can’t be left at home or forgotten - as long as the gift receiver has their phone with them, they can eat or drink at your venues all thanks to their lucky E-gift card…

Still wondering if e-gifting could level up your hospitality business’ revenue this Father’s Day? Get in touch with Pepper and we can help you to explore your options - whether you’re a fast food chain or take pride in special, mindful meals with family, e-gifting can work for any business.

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