Creeping it real: Quick wins for your mobile app this Halloween

Halloween may not be as commercialised as Christmas, but the spooky season is still an unmissable marketing opportunity in the calendar year! We’ve put together some quick wins to market and get the most out of your app this Halloween.

Halloween giveaways and discounts

Halloween is a great excuse to offer giveaways and discounts to your customers! As Halloween falls on a Monday this year, you could create some Halloween weekend-exclusive discounts, such as extended Happy Hours for cocktails, 2-for-1 on certain drinks or 15% off the entire weekend to new customers who download your app. This will encourage more downloads so that users can claim their discount or giveaway, creating a win-win scenario for both you and your customers. 

Halloween-themed push notifications

Using push notifications to alert your customers of these Halloween perks is a great way to ensure your existing customers are made aware of your limited-time offers - and it’s definitely beneficial; it’s been found that push notifications can drive growth and increase engagement by up to 88 percent (iJIM, 2020)

Personalise your notifications for optimal engagement from your customers- split your customers into audiences based on demographics or location so that the notifications you’re sending are relevant to them. If they're irrelevant, your notifications will appear as spam and it's likely they will push customers away, rather than drawing them in. And… make sure to be creative! You could include Halloween-themed emojis and really capture your customers' attention so that they won’t want to miss out.

Bigger, spookier rewards!

Why not offer double points as part of your loyalty scheme for the entire weekend? Or offer a different free item once customers fill up their entire stamp card. Your loyal customers deserve to be rewarded for their frequent purchases, so there is no better incentive for customers to spend than by offering bigger rewards for a limited-time. If these rewards are only for the Halloween weekend, it creates more of a sense of urgency and customers are more likely to continue using your app.

Spread the word of your brand

You don’t need expensive printed materials or TV adverts for customers to notice your brand and your app- creating impactful marketing for your app is still achievable without these… and the key is repetition. 

Strategically place a chalkboard outside of your venue and encourage staff to mention the app when customers are coming in or ordering and paying at the till. Handwritten signs also work just as well- by the door, in the window, and even in the toilets. If you’re wanting to get even more creative, try writing on your ornate mirrors (but not in permanent marker of course!)

If customers repeatedly see advertisements of your app, they are much more likely to remember and download it. Typically, it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a download will take place, so make sure to advertise in as many ways as you can.

These quick wins shouldn’t take too long to implement before Halloween, but they will make a big difference to increase downloads and engagement from your customers. If you need any help from the Pepper team with your app to get you ready for Halloween, feel free to get in touch with us or submit a support ticket through the Pepper portal.

Have a very spook-tacular Halloween all!

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