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Pepper CRM

Find more ways than ever to reach your customers, with targeted campaigns backed up by real customer data and segments.

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The Pepper CRM solution was designed to empower hospitality marketers to enact targeted, strategic campaigns through a range of channels. The simplicity of our tools means set up of powerful campaigns can be achieved in minutes.

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Your brand, powered by Pepper

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Analytics & insights

Use Pepper's analytics tools to get a better understanding of your customers. Easily accessible from the Portal and updated in real-time.

Monitor data in real-time
Drill into peak sales periods
Easy to use
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Customer data

Pepper's CRM platform gathers rich action data across all touch points, including ordering, loyalty and app interactions.

Segment customers
Analyse behaviour
Personalized campaigns
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Push notifications

Push notifications reach your app audience, either as a whole, or by user segments. Send unlimited notifications at any time, from the portal.

Communicate new products
Drive app usage
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In-app messaging

Your fully branded app gives you a storefront in your customers' pocket. Content is easy to update, without needing Pepper to intervene.

Personalised and customisable content
Slick design
Drive usage
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SMS campaigns

Affordable and effective - SMS marketing is an easy way for you to reach your user base. Our ROI calculator means it is easy to demonstrate the revenue return per campaign.

Quick and easy
Large ROI
Sent straight to customers’ cell phones

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Young's discusses the impact of increased ATV and higher repeat visit rate across their 200 restaurants.

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How can I view customer data?

With the Pepper Portal, you can access and segment customer data - allowing for personalized marketing campaigns and audience management, based on customer behavior. We also integrate with a number of third-party CRM platforms.

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Can I view the customer data in real time?

Yes - the Portal allows you to monitor your locations and customers' spend in real-time.

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Do I own the data, or does Pepper?

Good question, simple answer. You own the data!