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We were built with our clients in mind: ambitious hospitality brands looking to elevate their on-site service and scale their business.

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Order at table

No need to have servers taking orders! Empower your guests to order and pay from their phone. Fully integrated to your POS system, order at table is available within an app or accessible via a web QR code.

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Pay at table

Reduce friction for guests and speed up service, with our pay at table product. Guests can split the bill between friends using their app or by scanning a QR code on the bill, with no need to wait for a server.

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Loyalty points

Use your customer loyalty program to encourage repeat visits, improve guest satisfaction and increase ATV. Fully redeemable through all of Pepper's ordering journeys, loyalty points are easy to earn and burn.

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Customer data

Pepper's CRM platform gathers rich action data across all touch points. Brands can use Pepper's portal to instigate digital loyalty campaigns, or plug Pepper's data into a wider CRM eco-system.

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Use the toggles below for some of our suggested combinations, but remember - we can create any mixture of features to suit your business.

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Pepper Ordering

Pepper offers a flexible suite of ordering journeys that drive revenue and make your operation more efficient. From takeout orders for busy commuters to poolside ordering - Pepper has your digitization covered.

Pepper Loyalty

Leave your customers feeling rewarded, while generating extra revenue and increasing the rate of repeat visits. Our loyalty programs are fully-integrated, meaning no extra legwork for you, and are flexible enough to meet the precise needs of your business.

Pepper Checkout

Reduce friction for guests and speed up service with digital payments. From settling checks through QR codes to offering integrated gifting - Pepper Pay has you covered.

Pepper CRM

Find more ways than ever to reach your customers. SMS marketing, push notifications and targeted campaigns all combine into a powerful digital marketing strategy - back up by real customer data and segments.