Pepper's Vital Ingredient App Hailed as Model of Excellence at Brand & Customer Engagement in Food Service Conference

“Moving from a swipe card to a brand app to attract millennials" - A Vital Ingredient Case Study

Paolo Peretti, Managing Director of Vital Ingredient, a QSR with 20+ London locations, is a trusted voice within the UK food service community. Vital Ingredient’s Pepper-powered app has been live for 9 months now, and is enjoying massive consumer adoption and usage, but also generating lots of interest from business leaders at other restaurant chains.

Paolo recently gave a keynote case study on the move to an own brand app at the Brand & Customer Engagement in food service Conference. This is the leading face-to-face event for marketing, operations, insight and loyalty leaders in the food service industry.

Results that speak for themselves:
Despite admitting that his team have “only really being doing it properly for 6 months, and not pushing it hugely”, Paolo said that the solution “while not cheap, was really good value for money…"One of the best decisions we ever made was to launch our own branded app earlier this year"

From the Audience’s faces and furious scribbling / typing during Paolo’s presentation it was clear that his Pepper-powered app is driving business results that few other MDs and marketing directors in the room are achieving, despite only being live for 9 months or so:

  • Fully POS-integrated solution easily integrated into existing workflow
  • Successful adoption across all store formats
  • Eliminate need for hardware purchasing (support and maintenance): scan / hardware-free
  • 11,100+ active users with average in-app spend since launch of £65+
  • Cost of mobile app is less than the cost of running the old plastic loyalty card
  • Service staff and marketing team are saving significant time
  • Reduced processing time at POS to 5-10 seconds max means more sales at busy peak times