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“The Pepper team are really passionate about making sure the app is a success for us, and ensuring we’re getting the most of all the features offered.”

Gina Langford, Operations Director

Over Under Coffee has grown from 2 locations to 7 since partnering with Pepper in 2019. Success has blossomed from their loyal customer base and modern brand, especially in their flagship sites at Clapham Common, Earls Court and Wandsworth Town. The partnership with Pepper has helped grow Over Under’s unique brand by providing regular customers with a seamless digital experience.

Over Under customers spend more than £15,000 per month via the Pepper app.

Over Under have also seen that customers spend more when they Click & Collect! Their average transaction value is 12% higher - fantastic for growing incremental revenue.

Improved Customer Journey

Over Under’s locations are in busy West-London suburbs; their managers have mastered the balance between efficiency and ease of ordering, whilst still delivering the fantastic customer service that they are famous for locally.

The introduction of Pepper and the click and collect feature means customers can now order ahead and grab their coffees as they are passing through. This cuts down on the waiting time for them, but also frees up baristas, who spend less time taking orders and payments.

Gina, Operations Director at Over Under, stated that ‘without Pepper and our app, we would never have survived lockdown. Click & collect allowed us to stay open when others were closing up shop.’

She went on to add that ‘now, even as restrictions lift, lots of customers have continued to use the app. The app has now become a vital aspect of their brand and customer experience.’

Seamless loyalty scheme

The app also allows Over Under to encourage repeat visits from customers and increased loyalty. They use Pepper’s stamp card feature, meaning every 8th coffee is free!

The stamps are automatically added to customers' digital stamp card when they use the click & collect feature on the app, which means no fuss and no lost coffee cards.

They also periodically give away other treats, like free coffees, pastries and perks - a great way to reward their most loyal customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Customer Success support

Pepper’s support doesn’t end when the app goes live - and Over Under have been working closely with the Customer Success team to monitor usage, look for trends and find ways to improve the app experience.

Gina told us "Lizzie, our Customer Success Manager, makes me feel like I’m her only client.

I absolutely love our calls - the Pepper team are really passionate about making sure the app is a success for us, and ensuring we’re getting the most of all the features offered."

The perfect blend

With over 1,000 active users per store, made up mostly of regulars and die hard Over Under fans, it’s no wonder the project with Pepper has been so successful to date.

And with the ongoing work to keep driving the app, alongside the ambitious growth of Over Under itself - it’s going to be a brew-tiful partnership.