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We have had a lot of ideas, like the poolside delivery - the flexibility and the brainpower the Pepper team have put into those ideas has been great - we’re really appreciative.

-Abbey Nivens, Vice President of Product at Craftwork Group

Craftwork aren’t just your typical coffee company - they partner with multi-family owners of apartment buildings, to provide exclusive coffee shops and hospitality services to their residents. Since launching their app with Pepper, Craftwork has seen a huge increase in ATV and a significant portion of orders via the app, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Abbey Nivens, Vice President of Product at Craftwork Group, told us that because of their niche target market, Craftwork ‘only had very specific avenues to market to the residents - there were limited ways for us to engage customers. We felt like an app with loyalty would provide enough added value to get customers subscribed to a marketing channel for Craftwork.’

Craftwork partnered with Pepper in 2021, to enable customers to pre-order and collect their coffee, order to their table in the lobby, or even to order to poolside during the summer months - a completely unique ordering journey which residents have been really excited about and find their ‘favourite thing about Craftwork.’ Abbey said that ‘normally, residency in an apartment is for 12-15 months so there’s turnover every year for residents. With the app and poolside ordering, we can more easily get in front of new residents who haven’t been introduced to Craftwork yet.’

They see a huge spike in orders in the mornings, as a lot of residents place their orders while they’re getting ready for work, and their coffee is waiting to go in the lobby on their way out the door. Abbey commented that ‘having the flexibility of ordering ahead has increased the frequency of transactions and the number of customers that we have, from having the convenience when they need it.’ Not only have overall orders for the sites increased, but their guests’ average spend has risen by over 20% when ordering via the app!

Craftwork’s app users also earn digital stamps for every order. After collecting 10 stamps, they can claim a free hot or iced coffee, or a brewed tea - which has also been a great way to keep customers engaged and regularly using the app. 30% of their sales are via the app, and steadily increasing, which is a great opportunity for Craftwork.

A massive part in the app’s success has been from utilizing the marketing capabilities of their Pepper solution - using the push notification capability as part of their marketing strategy, to let customers know of any discounts or surprise samplings they are offering. For example, they will soon be launching their fall speciality drinks, so for the first two weeks of September they are discounting all of their summer drinks. Implementing these discounts and letting the residents know through the app has been ‘really helpful’ for Craftwork, and has helped them to better communicate with their customers.

Abbey finished by saying ‘we definitely would recommend Pepper - everyone’s been so helpful. We have had a lot of ideas, like the poolside delivery, and it’s been great to be able to talk with the team and  figure out how to execute those ideas. The flexibility and the brainpower the Pepper team have put into those issues has been great -  We’re really appreciative.’