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Over 50% of customers consistently order via the app

When Chicago went into full-lockdown at the start of 2020, Miguel, the founder of Coffee Studio, told us: "Nurses, doctors and other essential workers don’t have an equal opportunity to isolate at home, and we'll be trying to stay open to provide a service to those customers, for as long as we can.” 

The majority of businesses in Chicago were forced to close, but Coffee Studio were able to keep trading, using the ‘click & collect’ function on their app. 

But, once the stores reopened, over two thirds of their customers continued to order digitally.

Miguel said that Coffee Studio did ‘shift customers to ordering remotely very quickly, and the uptake has been stronger than we might have imagined.’ The app gave Chicago’s coffee customers a safe and convenient way to order on the go.

Customer journey

Miguel highlights that digital ordering has allowed Coffee Studio ‘to offer convenience to customers - which is highly valued during their busy mornings and helps us efficiently manage the morning rush.’

As people return to day-to-day routines, like picking up a coffee and an award-winning croissant on the way to work, the click & collect function has helped alleviate long queues, and it makes a staff member's job easier and more focused, enabling them to fulfill more orders.

‘Having an app on the app store put us on more of a level playing field with chains like Starbucks,’ Miguel explained. ‘It also gives us a platform to communicate with our customers and feature items, as well as provide a means for placing orders quickly and redeem rewards.’

Order value

Coffee Studio have also reported that the average transaction value for a mobile order is 10% higher than that of an in-store customer.

And with over 50% of customers consistently ordering via the app, that adds up to considerable incremental sales.

Miguel finished by telling us that ‘the app has been a key part of our ability to pivot our operations very quickly, and we are certainly thankful for it.’

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