Week in the job | Hannah Brennan, Head of Marketing and Customer Success

What's it like working with Pepper's clients? Hannah Brennan summed up one week in Marketing and Customer Success!

A week in the life!

Click below to see how far I made it on my travels! 

Monday - home!

My only day in the (home) office! Monday planning for the week ahead - even more crucial when I’ve got so many client visits.

I have a few client calls in the morning, and then in the afternoon the MCS team have our weekly meeting, to discuss ideas for new content, catch up on each other’s clients and share any new best practice we’ve come across. 

Tuesday - Wandsworth

Wandsworth Town Station

It’s a day out of the office - but it’s a fairly local one! 

I meet Tom, our Head of Operations, for lunch at The Ship in Wandsworth. It’s a Young’s pub, and we’re having our quarterly catch up with the team to plan our next stint of marketing activity and review how the app is performing.

On-table app advertising, and my lunch in the background! 


I have to get there early because I always get lost navigating my way from the station - but I make it in time to order my usual Young’s-lunch - fish finger butty - before the meeting starts! 

Lots of exciting plans made for upcoming On Tap treats… keep an eye on that app home screen…

Wednesday - Warwick

Today I’m up at the crack of dawn and off to Warwick! I’ve never been to the cathedral city before, but I won’t be taking in the sights. I’m meeting the marketing team from Peach Pubs to celebrate the key event in a pub or restaurant co’s calendar: menu launch.

The Rose and Crown, Warwick

We settle in at The Rose & Crown, the first ever Peach Pub. When a Pepper client launches a new menu, the integration with the POS does the heavy lifting in terms of menu syncing, but it’s really useful to check that new items have been loaded correctly. Quite often, prices change too. By checking the Pepper app prices, we’re also checking that the tills have been updated. 

We catch a few rogue pricing errors, the odd missing apostrophe and other minor amends, but the Peach team have landed a smooth launch!

I also got to try out some new menu items, including the Hot and Sour Watermelon Salad (which was divine).

Another delicious lunch! 

Thursday - Cardiff

Another early start! Today I’m off to visit Coffi Co with Dom, our Head of Sales. 

Dom and I arriving at Cardiff station! 

Coffi Co have absolutely smashed the app. With seven venues in and around Cardiff, they’ve transformed into a digital lead business, with over 100k downloads across their sites. We visit three venues with our friends at Wink, who film an amazing case study with Justin and Aimee. You can watch the full thing here -

We have lunch at Coffi Co on the quayside, and with a few hours to kill before our train, Dom and I stop at Revolution Cardiff for a cheeky pint.

Rev’s are another example of a bar group who are leading the way in digital. Their app allows customers to order to table, or scan their student card at the bar. Dom and I are a long way off being students sadly, so there’s no shot boards or Hot Girl Summer cocktails in sight…

But it’s another Rev’s ticked off my list! Determined to do as many as possible before 2022…

A restful pint-stop at Revolution Cardiff before the train home!

Friday - Dulwich Park

Tonight I’m jumping back behind the bar! After a busy morning catching up on emails and client requests, I hop on a bus to Dulwich and arrive for the evening shift at the Pub in the Park festival.

The VIP in the Park app! 

Peach Pubs are running the VIP tent, meaning lots of pub-enthusiasts are soon going to arrive to claim their free tipples. As Peach already used the Pepper app, our fantastic Project Manager was able to help them set up the VIP in the Park app, meaning no one had to leave their table to get a drink, free or paid for. 

It turns out that Wi-Fi in fields is far less reliable than in buildings, but after we overcome a few connection issues, the app orders start piling in.

I’m a bit rusty at first, but before you know it I’m prepping four app orders at a time and whipping up an Aperol Spritz in sub-sixty-seconds! 

POV: when you see me coming with your app order 😂

Saturday - Dulwich Park (again!)

I think Tom and George were joking when they asked if I wanted to come back and do another shift. They definitely weren’t expecting me to say yes! 

But my Saturday plans had already fallen through, and I’d actually thoroughly enjoyed my shift on Friday evening, so why not.

Another happy app customer! 

After the Saturday session my cocktails were quicker than ever and my feet were absolutely killing me, but the team had another great shift, and the app made service far easier than having to take individual tables’ orders and pass them on to the bar staff manually.

Plus, I got invited to the staff-social at the end of the evening for a well-earned pint, that I didn’t have to pour myself!

Team VIP in the park!