Twenty quick wins! How to keep customers ordering via the app, even after Freedom Day

Table service is no longer compulsory... but app sales are here to stay!

Everyone is excited to be able to order at the bar or counter again, but for businesses that have really embraced digital ordering over the pandemic, how do you ensure customers continue to use your app or web solution?

Here at Pepper, we know that while the sun is shining, everyone is going to be mega-busy. So we’ve kept it simple with twenty quick tips for keeping app sales strong.


  1. Staff incentives and rewards to encourage them to mention the app to customers
  2. Get staff to check app menus to make sure all items and promotions are correct
  3. Assign an app coordinator to manage flow of orders at peak times
  4. Specific app stations with dedicated staff preparing orders
  5. App champions - a member of staff at each location who knows the app inside out and can push to staff and customers

Menu and loyalty

  1. Exclusive in-app offers to encourage usage
  2. Spend X via App to receive Y Offer
  3. Secret menu items or customisations that are only on the app
  4. Photography within the menu that entices customers
  5. 'Surprise & Delight' treats to encourage customers to visit again
  6. Offer student discount exclusively via the app


  1. App marketing materials that tie the service into your brand - posters, tent cards, chalkboards etc.
  2. Push the app on social media - Instagram, your website, LinkedIn
  3. Targeted push notification campaigns
  4. Advertise the app on printed menus
  5. Review the app’s design - is it time for a refresh?
  6. Staff wearing promotional app t-shirts
  7. Market other initiatives via the app - events, online store, merchandise, etc
  8. Visit competitors to get ideas for app design, test out their service, see how they’re promoting it etc.

Ask us for more ideas!

  1. Get in touch with the Pepper team for more ideas and information! 

Good luck! 

We hope everyone has a fantastic summer with amazing app sales. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more info - or if you think we’ve missed anything!