Halloween: five quick wins for growing sales with app or web ordering

Halloween is a key event for pubs and bars, with drinks sales historically seeing an 11% uplift across the industry on the day itself (CGA). Falling on a Saturday this year, Halloween 2020 should have been the biggest yet.

Government restrictions continue to pile pressure on the hospitality industry, but resilient operators are still identifying ways to grow sales. For Pepper’s customers, their web and app ordering and loyalty solutions are playing a key role. 

We’ve pulled together a list of five ways our clients are maximising the benefit of their Pepper products. 

1 - Spreading the word

It’s a marketing theory as old as time: the rule of 7. Apparently, customers need to hear a message seven times before they’ll consider buying a product or using a service.

Our clients have created impactful marketing for their apps, without needing expensive printed materials. Strategically placed chalkboards, staff mentioning the app when checking customers in and handwritten signs all work just as well. Some of our favourite examples of strategic placement include the backs of toilet doors and writing on ornate mirrors - just make sure it’s not in permanent marker.

2 - Exclusive offers

Built into Pepper’s platform is the ability to run app-exclusive offers. This gives customers an extra-incentive to download it, and can also drive incremental sales over Halloween and beyond.

The platform can be used to run a ‘Happy Hour’, encouraging customers to arrive well before the curfew, or can offer a set discount for app users on their total bill. 

And it doesn’t all have to be about the drinkers. An app-only deal on small plates, bar snacks or nibbles could be key to tempting customers to stay longer and add some food to their evening out. 

3 - Sell the benefits to staff

Operators across hospitality report that higher app and web orders mean a higher Average Transaction Value as, for example, customers find it easier to browse wider product ranges and add extras to meals. 

A higher percentage of orders via the app also leads to efficiencies for staff: without having to key in and take payment for orders, they have more time to focus on customers.

Briefing team members at all levels, so that they understand these benefits, emphasises the importance of the app to their operation. Getting staff engaged with the app is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost sales. 

4 - Set up for success

You wouldn’t expect a kitchen to launch into a busy dinner service without doing some food prep first, and the same goes for the bar. 

Our clients find streamlining the back bar can make a real difference to the operation. Hundreds of trips up and down the bar can be saved, simply by ensuring there is a full ice dump and the complete range of glassware by the app pick-up area.

There’s only ever a certain amount of space behind the pumps, and it’s prime real estate. By having a ruthless clear-out, managers often discover space to store more glasses, create another cocktail-making station or hold extra bottles of the biggest selling spirits.

5 - Delivery times

Last, but not least, once the marketing is nailed and the customers have hit the order button, speed of service is the key to repeat custom. 

Waiting too long for their order could potentially swear customers off the app, permanently. 

Managers set their teams realistic targets for drink preparation, and make sure they are redistributing staff when they hit a busy app period. Other key tips include putting the strongest, quickest team members on app-duty, and making sure a manager is regularly checking in to see how wait times are looking. 

Have a happy Halloween! 

Halloween or not, it’s scary enough in the industry at the moment. Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought on how to grow sales, despite the headwinds.

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