A message to our customers and partners

At Pepper, we are enormously proud to work within hospitality, which has always been one of the most creative and exciting industries in the UK, and beyond. 

We are hugely disappointed at the government’s decision to go into full lockdown where evidence of transmission in hospitality is minimal.

Pubs, bars, coffee shops, casual dining, restaurants, QSRs and late night venues have had to be resilient and flexible over much of 2020. We understand how challenging this has been and are hopeful that the operational measures taken in 2020 will enable many great businesses to flourish in 2021.

As we exited the first lockdown, the Pepper team supported both new and long-standing clients, as they went live with the technology and solutions that allowed them to operate under government restrictions.

Over the coming days, we’ll be reaching out to our customers and partners, to again offer support wherever we can.

If you are currently a Pepper client, our team is available to help, 7 days a week.