2021: the year digital loyalty comes into its own for hospitality

How your brand benefits from rewarding customers

Three quarters of the British public belong to a loyalty scheme, but only a quarter of hospitality businesses offer one. Could digital loyalty be the key to driving revenue and visits across the industry, in 2021?

Driving repeat visits

88% of consumers are influenced by loyalty rewards when choosing which venues to visit

(KAM Media, 2019)

How do you convert the “I’ll give this place a try” customer into a loyal regular? 

Pepper clients see visit frequency increase up to 25% amongst members of their loyalty schemes. Incentivised customers visit more often, whether that’s to rack up points for a free meal or to earn stamps towards a free coffee.

And during the quiet times of the year, when footfall is typically lower, brands can leverage established loyalty schemes with extra incentives, such as ‘double points’.

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea's points-based loyalty and Over Under's stamp loyalty

Personalised experiences

87% of consumers are open to brands monitoring details of their activity if it leads to more personalised rewards

(Bond Brand Loyalty, 2018)

Brands with integrated ordering and loyalty can use customer data to offer personalised rewards. Customers who order veggie meals may receive a free snack during Veganuary, or prosecco drinkers earn a free Aperol Spritz, to celebrate the start of summer.

For guests who order over the counter or at the bar, operators can scan their phone to award points and collect their basket data. 

Personalisation means relevance: giving the consumer the best possible reward for their loyalty.

Revolution Bars run student discounts and Happy Hour promotions through their Pepper app.

Operational efficiency 

50% of transactions are processed through Pepper on average, with some locations as high as 90% 

August 2020

Pepper loyalty schemes integrate with the POS and the ordering and payment process. Customers can redeem free items or spend loyalty points while ordering to their table, using click & collect or at the counter. 

This integration means no hassle for staff, and no need for manually cross-referencing loyalty platforms with point of sale. 

And with an average share of wallet of 50%, staff are freed up from taking orders altogether, giving them more time to focus on getting orders prepared quickly and delivering great customer service. 

Already have a digital ordering solution in place?
Loyalty could be the next logical step

At Pepper, we know that every business is different - and we’re coming out of the toughest year the hospitality industry has ever faced. 

Implementing any new technology can feel daunting, so if you have any questions, or even just want a chat about what’s going on for your brand or business in 2021, we’d love to hear from you. 

In the last two months of 2020, Pepper clients had tens of thousands of loyalty redemptions. Customers want to engage with their favourite brands, and for those who have implemented digital ordering in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, loyalty solutions could be the next step in your digital strategy.